Veterinary Medicine, Redesigned.

Convenient veterinary care without sacrificing quality. Our team is here to become your pet’s one-stop source of all things health and happiness! From everyday vaccines to annual check-ups and unexpected emergencies, our veterinary staff is here to be a partner in your furry family member’s lifelong wellness journey.


We've redesigned your pet's wellness to fit into your busy schedule. Our onsite veterinary facility offers routine appointments, check-ups, and general vet care as part of your boarding and daycare visits, making visits to the vet less stressful to your pet and more convenient for you.

Preventative Care

We're here to partner with you on your pet's lifelong wellness journey. The happiest pets are the healthies pets! Regularly scheduled physical exams and preventative care screenings help us to monitor the health of your pet over time, improving their quality of life and extending their lifespan.

Diet & Nutrition

Good pet health starts with good nutrition. With all of the pet food choices on the market, we know how overwhelming choosing a diet for your pet can be. Our veterinary team is here to help you choose an appropriate diet to fit the health needs and lifestage of your pet.

Quality Medicine

Our team has scouted veterinarians from across the country, handpicking the best talent to join the Uptowndog Daycare team. Our doctors are provided with the most innovative tools, latest training, and advanced medical technologies, ensuring your pet has access to top-quality care.

Dental Health

Humans aren't the only ones that need routine dental care. Regular dental cleanings from your veterinarian and proper home dental care for your pet helps prevent the development of dental diseases, reduces the need for extractions, and reduces the risk of periodontal-related heart problems.

Surgical Needs

From spays and neuters to complex surgical procedures, the need for surgical services often arises during a pet's life. Our onsite surgical facilities and medical laboratories are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to provide the highest quality care throughout every procedure.

Other Services


Supervised group playtime keeps your pet active, socialized, and stimulated.


Premium suites and uber comfortable accommodations for your pampered pup.


From basic baths to incredible cuts, we’re here for your dog’s ultimate spa day.


In-home walking visits with professionally trained & licensed walkers.